Mac’s Facts No. 12:  POW Book List     July 11, 2010. 

(*) = available on Kindle or iPad.  (#) Still in print & available


POW books/Captivity Narratives of the Vietnam War:  (POW names are in bold print)


Alvarez, Everett, Jr. and Anthony S. Pitch, Chained Eagle.  NewYork: Donald I. Fine, 1989.

Alvarez, Everett, Jr. and Samuel A. Schreiner, Code of Conduct.

Anh, Van, Capturing an American Pilot. Ed. David Charnoff and Doan Van Toai. Capture of an American pilot from VC point of view. New York: Random House, 1986, pp 130-134.

Anton, Frank with Tommy Denton, Why Didn't You Get Me Out?  Arlington, TX:

            Summit Publishing Group, 1997.

Bailey, Lawrence R., with Ron Martz, Solitary Survivor:  The First American POW in Southeast

Asia.  Washington, DC:  Brassey's, 1995.

Barnes, Scott, Bohica.  (No further information)

Black, Karen, Code of Conduct.  Novel based on POW experiences of Cole Black.  Escondido, CA: C & K

            Publishing, 2003.  (#) 1st printing.

Blakey, Scott, Prisoner at War:  The Survival of Commander Richard A. Stratton, Garden City,          NY:  Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1978.

Brace, Ernest C., A Code to Keep: The True Story of America’s Longest-Held Civilian Prisoner of War

            in Vietnam.  New York:  St. Martin's Press, 1988. (#) Hellgate Press, Central Pt., Oregon (2001


Bucher, CDR Loyd M. with Mark Rascovich, Bucher: my story. USS Pueblo, North Korean capture on Jan 23, 1968. New York:    Doubleday, 1970.

Butler, Phillip, Three Lives of a Warrior.  Self published, 2010.  (#) 1st printing, 2010.

Carey, Dave,  The Ways We Choose: Lessons for Life from a P.O.W.’s Experience.  Portland, Ore.:

            Arnica Publishing, 2005.

Cayer, Marc, Prisoner in Vietnam (English version).  Marc Cayer: Prisonnier au Vietnam (French

            version), Asia Resource Center, Washington, DC, 1990.

Certain, Robert G., Unchained Eagle: From Prisoner of War to Prisoner of Christ.  Palm Springs: ETC

            Publications, 2003.  Republished as Unchained Eagle.  2nd edition, softback.  Atlanta: Deeds

            Publishing, 2010 (*) $7.95.

Chesley, Larry, Seven Years in Hanoi; a POW tells his story.  Salt Lake City:  Bookcraft, 1973.

Clarke, Marjorie (Nelson), Captive on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Chicago:  Moody Press, 1974.

Clinton, Susan, Everett Alvarez, Jr.:  A Hero For Our Times. Chicago:  Children's Press, 1990.

Coffee, Gerald, Beyond Survival: Building on the HardTtimes—A POW’s Inspiring Story.  New York: 

            Putnam, 1990.

Corum, Robert,  American Patriot - The Life and Wars of Colonel Bud Day.  New York: Little Brown &

            Co., 2007.

Daley, James A., and Lee Bergman, A Hero's Welcome: the conscience of Sergeant James Daley

versus the United States Army. Indianapolis:  Bobbs-Merrill, 1975.

David, Heather, Operation Rescue.  New York: Pinnacle, 1975.

Davis, Vernon. The Long Road Home: U.S. Prisoner of War Policy and Planning in Southeast Asia. 

            Washington, D.C. Historical Office, Office of the Secretary of Defense, 2000.

Day, George E., Return With Honor, Mesa, AZ:  Champlin Fighter Museum Press, 1989.  Excerpts

appear as Promises to Keep, Reader's Digest (December 1991), pp 107-111.

Dengler, Dieter, Escape From Laos, San Rafael, CA: Presidio Press, 1979.

Denton, Jeremiah A. with Ed Brandt, When Hell Was in Session, Washington, D.C.: Morley Books,

            1997.  Originally published:  New York:  Reader's Digest Press, 1976.

Diehl, Bernhard, Gedichte und Liedertexte (Poems & Lyrics), one of several books written by Bernhard

            Diehl, German foreign national captured 4-27-69, released 3-5-73 in Operation Homecoming.

Doyle, Robert C., Voices from Captivity.  Lawrence, KS:  University Press of Kansas, 1994.

Doyle, Robert C., A Prisoner's Duty: great escapes in U.S. Military History.  (Covers escapes of

Dengler, Klusmann, Camacho, Wright, Rowe, Eckes, Fisher, Nelson, Roha) Annapolis:      Naval Institute Press, 1997.

Doyle, Robert C., The Enemy in Our Hands—America’s Treatmentof Prisoners of War From The     

            Revolution to the War on Terror.  The University Press of Kentucky, 2010.

Dramesi, John A., Code of Honor, New York:  W. W. Norton, 1975.

Dudman, Richard, Forty Days with the Enemy.  New York:  Liveright, 1971.

Ellis, Lee,  Leading with Honor—Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton,  FreedomStar Media, 2012.

Feinberg, Abraham L., Hanoi Diary. Dan Mills, Ontario: Alger, 1968.

Fields, Kenny Wayne, The Rescue of Streetcar 304, Annapolis, MD: Naval Institute Press, 2008.

Foster, Gary Wayne, Phantom in the River—The Flight of Linfield Two Zero One, Hellgate Press, Ashland,

            Oregon, 2010. Story of Ev Southwick  and Jack Rollins.

Gaither, Ralph, as told to Steve Henry, With God in a POW Camp. Nashville, Broadman Press, 1973.

Gargus, John , The Son Tay Raid—American POWs in Vietnam Were Not Forgotten, College Station, Texas

            A&M University Press, 2007.

Garrett, Richard, P.O.W.: The Uncivil Face of War.  England:  David and Charles Publishers, 1981.

Gostas, Theodore, Prisoner.  Western Publishing Co: Published by the author, no date.

Gragg, Rod, Bobby Bagley, POW. Van Nuys, CA: Bible Voice, 1978.

Grant, Zalin, Survivors: Vietnam P.O.W.s tell their stories.  New York: W. W. Norton, 1975.

Groom, Winston and Duncan Spencer, Conversations With the Enemy: the story of PFC Robert

            Garwood. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1983.

Guarino, Larry, A POW's Story:  2801 days in Hanoi. New York: Ivy Books, 1990.

Guarino, Evelyn with Carol Jose, Saved by Love—a True Story.  Cape Canaveral: Blue Note Publications,


Guenon, Wm. A. Jr., forword by Jon Reynolds, SECRET And DANGEROUS: Night of the Son Tay

            P.O.W. Raid, Ashland, MA, WagonWings Press, 2002.

Hall, Colonel George R. and Pat Hall with Bob Pittman, Commitment to Honor: A Prisoner of War

            Remembers Vietnam, Jackson, Miss.: Franklin Printers, 2005.                                            

Heslop, J. M. and Dell R. Van Orden, From the Shadows of Death.  Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co.,


Hirsh, James S., Two Souls Indivisible—The Friendship That Saved Two POWs in Vietnam.  New York: 

            Houghton Mifflin Company, 2004.

Hobson, Chirs, Vietnam Air Losses—United States Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Fixed-Wing

            aircraft Losses in Southeast Asia 1961-1973. England: Midland Publishing, 2001.

Holzer, Henry Mark and Erika, “Aid and Comfort” Jane Fonda in North Vietnam.  McFarland &

            Company, Inc.  Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2002.

Holzer, Henry Mark and Erika, Fake Warriors—Identifying, Exposing, and Punishing Those Who

            Falsify Their Military Service, Xlibris, Corporation, 2003.

Howes, Craig. Voices of the Vietnam POWs: Witnesses to Their fight.  New York: Oxford, 1993.

Howren, Jamie and Taylor Baldwin, Open Doors: Various POWs 30 years Later, Dulles, VA: Potomac

            Books, Inc., 2005.

Hubbell, John G., P.O.W.: A Definitive History of the American Prisoner-of-War Experience in Vietnam,

            1964-1973. New York: Readers Digest Press, 1976.

Hubbard, Col. Edward L., Escape From the Box: the wonder of human potential. Edited by Art         Nicolet.  West Chester, PA: Praxis, International, 1994.

Jensen, Jay R., Six Years in Hell: A Returned Vietnam POW Views Captivity, Country, and the

Nation’s Future.  Orcutt, CA: Publications of Worth, 1989.  Originally published: Bountiful, UT: Horizon Publications, 1974.

Jensen, Jay R., Home with Honor: a POW tells how to conquer adversity through courage, honor and            faith.  Orcutt, CA:  Publications of Worth, 1991.  Original publication, "Six Years in Hell."

Jensen-Stevensen, Monica and Wm. Stevensen, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, with material from Captain        Eugene "Red" McDaniel, USN (Ret). New York: Penguin Books, 1991.

Johnson, Sam and Jan Winebrenner,  Captive Warrior: a Vietnam POW's story. College Station, TX:  Texas A & M University Press, 1992.  (#) Available on

Jordan, Kenneth N., Sr., Heroes of Our Time.  Atglen, PA:  Schiffer Military/Aviation History,

            (POW William D. Port, posthumously awarded MOH).

Keating, Susan Katz, Prisoners of Hope: exploiting the POW/MIA myth in America. New York:         Random

            House, 1994.

Keirn, Richard `Pop,'  Old Glory is the Most Beautiful of All.  Dorrance Publishing Co., 1996.

Kilbourne, Jimmy W., Escape and Evasion: 17 True Stories of Downed Pilots Who Make It Back. New

            York: Macmillan, 1973.

Lawrence, William P.  and Rosario Rausa,   Tennessee Patriot—The Naval Career of Vice Admiral

            William P. Lawrence, U.S. Navy.  Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2006.

Lawrence, William P., “POW" Al Santoli, Everything We Had. New York: Ballantine, 1981. pp 232-50.

Luckett, Perry D. and Charles L. Byler, Tempered Steel: The Three Wars of Triple Air Force Cross

            Winner Jim Kasler. Potomac Books; Dulles VA, 2005.

Maw, Helene Ensign, Freedom Is For Those Willing to Defend It—Stories of Men in War.  Victoria,

            B.C., Canada, Trafford Publishing, 2002. 

McCain, John with Mark Salter, Faith of My Fathers.  New York: Random House, 1999.

McCain, John with Mark Salter, Character Is Destiny: Inspiring Stories Every Young

                Person  Should Know and  Every Adult Should Remember.  2005.

McConnell, Malcolm, Into the Mouth of the Cat: The Story of Lance Sijan, Hero of Vietnam.

              Bridgewater, NJ:  Replica Books, 1997.  Originally pub: New York:  W.W. Norton, 1985.

McDaniel, Eugene B. with James L. Johnson, Before Honor.  Philadelphia:  A.J. Holman Co., 1975. McDaniel, Eugene B., Scars and Stripes: the Red McDaniel Story.  Published by friends

of Red McDaniel, Philadelphia: A.J. Holman, 1975.

McDaniel, Dorthy Howard, After the Hero's Welcome:  a POW wife's story of the battle against a new

            enemy.  Chicago:  Bonus Books, c1991.

McDaniel, Norman A., Yet Another Voice. New York:  Leisure, Hawthorne Books, 1975.

McGrath, John M., Prisoner of War: Six Years in Hanoi. Annapolis, MD:  Naval Institute Press, 1975.  

            (#) 12th printing, 2011.

Miller, Carolyn Paine, Captured: A Mother's True Story of Her Family's Imprisonment by the Viet     Cong. Chappaqua, NY:  Christian Herald Books, 1977.  (Civilian missionaries with the Bru

            tribesmen from 1975 for eight months).

Mulligan, James A., The Hanoi Commitment. Virginia Beach, VA:  RIF Marketing, 1981.

Murphy, Edward F., Medal of Honor Heroes. (Cavaiani, Cook, Day, Sijan, Stockdale, Thorsness) Myers, Walter Dean, A Place Called Heartbreak:  A Story of Vietnam.  Describes the ordeal

of Major Fred Cherry.  Juvenile Literature. Austin, TX:  Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 1993.

Nasmyth, Spike, 2355 Days: A POW's story. New York:  Orion Books, 1991.

Nasmyth, Virginia,  Hanoi Release John Nasmyth:  A Family Love Story.  Santa Paula, CA: 

V. Parr Co., 1984.

Neco, Modesto, 1650 Dias Cautivo del Vietcong, about Felix Neco-Quinones,  Hato Rey,

Puerto Rico, 1981.

Norman, Geoffrey, Bouncing Back: how a heroic band of POWs survived Vietnam.  Boston: Houghton

Mifflin, 1990.

Oppel, Lloyd.  (Title unknown.  Lloyd was a canadian captured in Laos, brought to Hanoi).

Philpott, Tom, The Saga of Jim Thompson, America’s Longest-Held Prisoner of War, New Your: Norton &

            Norton Co., 2001.

Plumb, Charlie as told to Glen DeWerff, I'm no Hero. Independence, MO:  Independence Press, 1973.

            (#) 32nd printing.

Plumb, Charlie, The Last Domino?  Independence, Independence Press, 1975.  (#) Available from author. 

Price, Don L., The First Marine Captured in Vietnam; a Biography of Donald G. Cook.  Jefferson, NC:

            McFarland Publishing, 2006. 

Purcell, Ben and Anne, Love and Duty.  New York:  St. Martin's Press, 1992.  Random House, New       York,  1973.

Ray, Michelle, The Two Shores of Hell.  New York: McKay, 1968.  (French civilian)

Risner, Robinson, The Passing of the Night: My Seven Years as a Prisoner of the North Vietnamese.

New York:  Random House, 1974, 1973.

Roberts, James C., Missing in Action.  Washington:  Fund for Objective Reporting, Match, 1980.

Rochester, Stuart I. and Frederick Kiley, Honor Bound: The History of American Prisoners of War in

            Southeast Asia, 1961-1973.  Historical Office, Office of the Secretary of State, Wash, DC 1998.

            Reprint: Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, MD 1999 (call 1-800-233-8764 for copies).

Rowan, Stephen, They Wouldn't Let Us Die: The Prisoners of War Tell Their Story.  Middle Village,

            NY: Jonathan David, 1973.

Rowe, James N., Five Years to Freedom. Boston: Little, Brown, 1971.

Rutledge, Howard and Phyllis with Mel and Lydia White, In the Presence of Mine Enemies , 1965-                 1973;  A Prisoner of War. Old Tappan, NJ:  Revell, 1973.  Also,  Boston: G.K. Hall, 1974.

Sauter, Mark and Jim Sanders, The Men We Left Behind: Henry Kissinger, the politics of deceit and the tragic fate of POWs after the Vietnam War. Washington, DC:  National Press Books, 1993.

Schemmer, Benjamin F., The Raid.  New York: Harper & Row, 1976.

Schwinn, Monika and Bernhard Diehl, We Came to Help.   Translated from German (1973) by Jan van

            Heurck, foreword by Benjamin H. Purcell,.  NY:  Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976.

Simpson, Howard R., Tiger in the Barbed Wire: an American in Vietnam, 1952-1991. New York:

            Macmillan, 1992.

Sherwood, John Darrell, Afterburner: Naval Aviators and the Vietnam War.  New York: New York

            University Press, 2004.

Smith, George Edward with an introduction and  epilogue by Donald Duncan,  P.O.W.:  Two Years

With the Vietcong. Berkeley, CA:  Ramparts Press, 1971.

Smith, Philip E. and Peggy Herz, Journey Into Darkness.  New York: Pocket, Simon & Schuster, 1992.

Stern, Lewis M. Imprissoned or Missing in Vietnam: Policies of the Vietnamese Government Toward

            Captured and Detained United States Soldiers, 1969-1994.  Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1995.

Stockdale, James B., Courage Under Fire: Testing Epictetus's Doctrine in a Laboratory of Human

            Behavior. Stanford, CA:  Stanford University, Hoover Institution, 1993.

Stockdale, James B. and Sybil, In Love and War: The Story of a Family's Ordeal and Sacrifice During

            the Vietnam Years. Annapolis, MD:  Naval Institute Press, c1990.  Harper & Row, 1984.

Stockdale, James B, A Vietnam Experience: Ten Years of  Reflection. Stanford, CA:Hoover Inst, 1984.

Stockdale, James B, Thoughts of a Philosophical Fighter Pilot, Stanford, CA:Hoover Inst, 1995.

Terry, Wallace, Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans. New York: Ballantine,

1984.  (Fred Cherry and Norman A. McDaniel)

Thorsness, Leo K., Surviving Hell—A POWs Journey.  New York: Encounter Books, 2008.

Timberg, Robert, John McCainAn American Odyssey.  Excerpted and expanded from The

            Nightingale’s Song.  New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995, 1999.

Veith, George J. Code-Name Bright Light: The Untold Story of U.S. POW Rescue Efforts During the

            Vietnam War. New York: Free Press, 1998.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, The Winter Soldier Investigation: an inquiry in American War

Crimes. Boston: Beacon Press, 1972.  (Testimony of S/SGT George Smith, 5th Special Forces, Chapter V, Prisoners and Refugees, pp 122-35).

Vohden, Ray, A Story of the Fifth Longest Held POW In US History, Authorhouse, 2009.

Wagaman, Winnie and Norman J. Brookens,  Civilian POW:  Terror and Torture in South Vietnam. 

Hagerstown, MD:  Warm Welcomes Designs & Publications, c1989.

Webb, Kate, On the Other Side: 23 days with the Vietcong.  New York: Quadrangle Books, 1972.

            (Australian Journalist in Cambodia).

Whitcomb, Darrel D., The Rescue of Bat 21.  Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 1988.

Wolfkill, Grant with Jerry A. Rose, Reported to be Alive. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1965.

Wyatt, Frederic A. and Barbara Wyatt, We Came Home.  Toluca Lake, CA: P.O.W. Publications, 1977.


The list might make some of you angry as it is not "PC."  I did not eliminate controversial books as some of you would have preferred.  For example, "Conversations with the Enemy" is about Robert Garwood.  The book puts Garwood in a favorable light.  Many of you might think that Garwood was convicted of desertion.  He was actually convicted by court-martial of lesser offenses, collaborating with the enemy and striking a POW.  We all know that his actions were not honorable, so you can take out your black magic marker and cross him off.  Actually, in 2001, Department of Defense (DPMO) declassified Garwood as a POW and reclassified him as category AR, “AWOL/Deserter/Collaborator-Returned.” 


Please assist by notifying me of any book I inadvertently left off the list.  Include: author, title, city, publisher, and date in the same format as my list.  Thank you.  MM   <>