Nam-POW List

580 POWs who are active members of NAM-POWs Corporation are listed alphabetically with Rank & Service at Capture, Country where captured (see code), A/C Flown or Ground, Missing Date, Release Date and the number of days they spent as POWs. It should be noted that only members of Nam-POWs are included in this list. Full listing of 802 POWs can be found at the following address: Vietnam War Resources Look under Status "EE" (Escapee) or "RR," (Returnee). This page has been accessed times since December 31, 2001.

580 Vietnam POWs with their Capture Information
Country Codes: VN=North Vietnam; VS=South Vietnam; LA=Laos; CB=Cambodia; C=China

Name Capture
Service Country A/C - Ground Missing Date Release Date POW Days
Lt Col Joseph S. Abbott, Jr. , USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-01304/30/19672/18/19732121
Col Robert A. Abbott, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 59-17264/30/19673/4/19732135
Col Wilfred K. Abbott, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF8E, 1508969/5/19663/4/19732372
Lt Col Hector M. Acosta, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNRF4C, 68-059712/9/19723/29/1973110
Cdr Alfred H. Agnew, USN (Ret)O4USNVNRA5C, 15663312/28/19723/29/197391
SSgt Keith A. Albert, USA (Ret)E4USAVS/CBTruck5/21/19702/12/1973998
Capt Wendell R. Alcorn, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA4C, 14830512/22/19652/12/19732609
Lt Col Fernando Alexander, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNB52D, 56-060812/19/19723/29/1973100
MSgt David F. Allwine, USA (Ret)E5USAVS/VNGround3/4/19713/27/1973754
Lt Col John H. Alpers, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-873810/5/19723/29/1973175
Cdr Everett, Jr. Alvarez, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA4C, 1495788/5/19642/12/19733113
LCdr Gareth L. AndersonO2USNVNF4B, 1530045/19/19673/4/19732116
MSgt John T. AndersonE7USAVS/VNGround2/3/19683/5/19731857
Lt Col John W. Anderson, USAFR(Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 67-023412/27/19722/12/197347
Anthony C. AndrewsO3USAFVNF105D, 61-020510/17/19673/14/19731975
William K. AngusO3USMCVNA6A, 1541456/11/19723/28/1973290
Lt Col Richard C. Anshus, USA (Ret)O2USAVS/VNOH6A3/8/19713/27/1973750
CW4 Francis G. Anton, USA (Ret)W2USAVS/VNUH1C1/5/19683/16/19731897
Maj Jose J. Anzaldua, Jr., USMC (Ret)E4USMCVS/VNGround1/23/19703/27/19731159
Maj Bruce R. Archer, USMC (Ret)O3USMCVS/VNCH46A3/28/19683/16/19731814
William Y. ArcuriO2USAFVNB52G, 57-646912/20/19722/12/197354
Col William R. Austin, II, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 65-072710/7/19673/14/19731985
Lt Col Timothy R. Ayres, USAFRes (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 69-72215/3/19723/28/1973329
Candido C. BaduaWVS/VNGround2/1/19683/5/19731859
Cdr James W. Bailey, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 1522426/28/19672/18/19732062
Col Lawrence R. Bailey, Jr., USA (Ret)O4USALAC47B, 44-763303/23/19618/15/1962510
B/Gen David E. Baker, USAF (Ret)O3USAFCB/VSO2A, 68-110266/27/19722/12/1973230
Col Elmo C. Baker, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 59-17528/23/19673/14/19732030
Cdr Frederick C. Baldock, Jr., USN (Ret)O2USNVNA4C, 1477403/17/19662/12/19732524
Lt Col Arthur T. Ballard, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-01869/26/19663/4/19732351
Gy Sgt Orville R. Ballenger, USMC (Ret)E5USALAGround4/22/19618/15/1962480
Lt Col Lawrence Barbay, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNEB66C, 54-04647/20/19663/4/19732419
Col Robert W. Barnett, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 59-172710/3/19673/14/19731989
Lt Col Thomas J. Barrett, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 63-756310/5/19652/12/19732687
Lt Col Henry C. BarrowsO3USAFVNB52D, 56-060812/19/19723/29/1973100
Maj Richard L. Bates, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, serial ?10/5/19723/29/1973175
Col William J. Baugh, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-08101/21/19673/4/19732234
Col James E. BeanO6USAFVNF105D, 58-11571/3/19683/14/19731897
Col William R. Bean, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, unk5/23/19723/28/1973309
Cdr Henry J. Bedinger, USN (Ret)O2USNLA/VNF4J, 15588911/22/19693/28/19731222
Lt Col William D. Beekman, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 66-03156/24/19723/28/1973277
Capt Carroll R. BeelerO3USNVNF8J, 1503115/24/19723/28/1973308
Maj Lynn R. Beens, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52G, 58-019812/21/19723/29/197398
Capt James F. Bell, USN (Ret)O4USNVNRA5C, 15161510/16/19652/12/19732676
Michael D. BengeVVS/VNGround1/28/19683/5/19731863
Lt Col Kile D. Berg, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-01137/27/19652/12/19732757
Lt Col James R. Berger, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-075312/2/19662/18/19732270
Col Louis H. Bernasconi, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNB52D, 55-005012/22/19723/29/197397
Lt Col Robert I. Biss, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-074311/11/19663/4/19732305
Maj Arthur N. Black, USAF (Ret)E2USAFVNHH43B9/20/19652/12/19732702
Capt Cole BlackO4USNVNF8E, 1491526/21/19662/12/19732428
Lt Col John C. Blevins, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-42759/9/19663/4/19732368
Ronald G. BlissO2USAFVNF105D, 62-43699/4/19663/4/19732373
Col Richard E. Bolstad, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNA1E, 52-13246911/6/19652/12/19732655
Col Jack W. Bomar, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNEB66C, 55-03872/4/19673/4/19732220
M/Gen John L. Borling, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, unk.6/1/19662/12/19732448
Gen Charles G. Boyd, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-44094/22/19662/12/19732488
Lt Col Terry L. Boyer, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4D, 66-777412/17/19673/14/19731914
Ernest C. BraceVLA/VNPC6A5/21/19653/28/19732868
Capt Allen C. BradyO5USNVNA6A, 1515901/19/19673/4/19732236
SFC Harvey G. BrandeE7USAVS/VNGround2/7/19683/16/19731864
Donald R. BraswellE4USAVSGround8/23/19678/24/19671
Col Michael L. Brazelton, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 62-43708/7/19663/4/19732401
M/Gen William J. Breckner, Jr., USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF4D, 66-75767/30/19723/29/1973242
Lt Col Richard C. Brenneman, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 66-025011/8/19673/14/19731953
Lt Col Barry B. Bridger, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-07731/23/19673/4/19732232
Col John W. Brodak, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-42668/14/19663/4/19732394
Norman J. BrookensVVS/CBAuto2/4/19682/12/19731835
Col Charles A. Brown, Jr, USAFRO3USAFVNB52D, 56-060812/19/19723/29/1973100
Lt Col Paul G. Brown, USMC (Ret)O2USMCVNA6A, 1541667/25/19683/14/19731693
B/Gen Ralph T. Browning, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 61-01587/8/19662/12/19732411
Richard M. BrunhaverO2USNVNA4C, 1494908/24/19652/12/19732729
Cecil H. BrunsonO2USAFVNF4E, 69-027610/12/19723/29/1973168
Col Alan L. Brunstrom, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNRF101C, 56-00904/22/19662/12/19732488
Hubert E. BuchananO2USAFVNF4C, 63-76439/16/19663/4/19732361
Leonard R. Budd, Jr.E3USMCVS/VNTruck8/21/19673/5/19732023
Col Arthur W. Burer, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF101C, 56-00663/21/19662/12/19732520
S/Sgt Richard G. Burgess, USMC (Ret)E4USMCVS/VNGround9/25/19663/5/19732353
Col Donald R. BurnsO4USAFVNF4C, 64-066312/2/19663/4/19732284
Capt John D. Burns, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4C, 14773710/4/19663/4/19732343
Michael T. BurnsO2USAFVNF4D, 66-77567/5/19683/14/19731713
Col William D. BurroughsO4USAFVNRF101C, 56-02267/31/19663/4/19732408
Lt Col Jack M. Butcher, USAF (Ret)O2USAFLA/VNOV10A, 67-146933/24/19713/28/1973735
Cdr Phillip N. Butler, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4C, 1495074/20/19652/12/19732855
William W. Butler, DVMO3USAFVNF105D, 61-012411/20/19673/14/19731941
Col Ronald E. Byrne, Jr., USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 61-01938/29/19652/12/19732724
Col William G. Byrns, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, unk5/23/19723/28/1973309
Lt Col Peter A. Callaghan, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, 69-02826/21/19723/28/1973280
Capt Isaac Camacho, USA (Ret)E7USAVSGround11/24/19637/13/1965597
Maj Peter P. Camerota, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52D, 55-006112/22/19723/29/197397
Col Burton W. CampbellO2USAFVNF105D, 62-43547/1/19662/12/19732418
Capt David J. Carey, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA4E, 1520288/31/19673/14/19732022
Col Albert E. CarlsonO4USAVS/CBGround4/7/19722/12/1973311
Cdr Allan R. Carpenter, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4E, 15113811/1/19663/4/19732315
Col Larry E. Carrigan, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-02478/23/19673/14/19732030
Harley M. Cassell, Jr.E4USACBLCU 15777/17/196812/19/1968155
SGM Jon R. Cavaiani, USA (Ret)E5USAVS/VNGround6/5/19713/27/1973661
Marc O. CayerWVS/VNGround2/1/19682/13/19731839
John P. CerakO3USAFVNF4E, 67-02436/27/19723/28/1973274
Col Robert G. Certain, USAFR (Ret)O3USAFVNB52G, 58-020112/18/19723/29/1973101
Carl D. ChambersO2USAFVNF4C, 64-06568/7/19673/14/19732046
Lt Col Harlan P. Chapman, USMC (Ret)O3USMCVNF8E, 15066511/5/19652/12/19732656
Capt Arvin R. Chauncey, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4E, 1511135/31/19673/4/19732104
Col Kevin J. Cheney, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 67-02777/1/19723/28/1973270
Col Fred V. Cherry, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 62-435010/22/19652/12/19732670
Lt Col Larry J. Chesley, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 63-76774/16/19662/12/19732494
John R. ChevalierE3USACBLCU7/17/196812/19/1968155
Capt Luis G. Chirichigno, USA (Ret)O3USAVS/VNAH1G11/2/19693/27/19731241
Frank E. Cius, Jr.E3USMCLA/VNCH46A6/3/19673/4/19732101
Col John W. Clark, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF4C, 65-08773/12/19672/18/19732170
Cdr Claude D. Clower, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 15099711/19/19673/14/19731942
Capt Gerald L. Coffee, USN (Ret)O3USNVNRA5C, 1516252/3/19662/12/19732566
Cdr George T. Coker, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA6A, 1518228/27/19663/4/19732381
Col James Q. Collins, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-43899/2/19652/12/19732720
Lt Col Thomas E. Collins, III, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-073010/18/19652/12/19732674
Lt Col James C. Condon, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNB52D, 56-060512/28/19723/29/197391
Col William W. Conlee, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNB52D, 55-005012/22/19723/29/197397
SMSgt James R. Cook, USAF (Ret)E6USAFVNB52D, 56-067412/26/19722/12/197348
Col H C. Copeland, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 59-17487/17/19673/14/19732067
Col Kenneth W. Cordier, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 63-760812/2/19663/4/19732284
Capt Arthur Cormier, USAF (Ret)E5USAFVNCH3C11/6/19652/12/19732655
Capt Kenneth L. Coskey, USN (Ret)O5USNVNA6A, 1541279/6/19683/14/19731650
Sgt Charles E. Crafts, USA (Ret)E2USAVSGround12/29/19642/7/1967770
Col Robert R. CranerO4USAFVNF100F, 56-400512/20/19673/14/19731911
Capt Render Crayton, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4E, 1520272/7/19662/12/19732562
Maj Joseph, Jr. Crecca, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-075511/22/19662/18/19732280
Capt Michael P. Cronin, USNR (Ret)O2USNVNA4E, 1511581/13/19673/4/19732242
Col Frederick A. Crow, Jr., USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF4C, 64-08493/26/19673/4/19732170
CSM Winfred D. Crowe, USA (Ret)E7USACBLCU7/17/196812/19/1968155
CSM Frederick H. Crowson, USA (Ret)E4USACB/VSUH1H5/2/19702/12/19731017
Col Carl B. Crumpler, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF4D, 66-77567/5/19683/14/19731713
Col Thomas J. Curtis, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNHH43B9/20/19652/12/19732702
Samuel B. CusimanoO3USAFVNB52D, 56-060512/28/19723/29/197391
Maj James D. Cutter, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105G, 63-83332/17/19723/28/1973405
Cdr Glenn H. Daigle, USN (Ret)O2USNVNRA5C, 15163212/22/19652/12/19732609
Capt Verlyne W. Daniels, USN (Ret)O5USNVNA4E, 15005910/26/19673/14/19731966
Max Q. Dat NguyenWVNA1H5/14/19663/27/19732509
Lenard E. DaughertyE4USAVS/VNGround5/11/19693/27/19731416
Lt Col Robert N. DaughtreyO3USAFVNF105D, 62-42498/2/19652/12/19732751
Gary L. DavesVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/27/19731881
Lt Col John O. Davies, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNEB66C, 55-03872/4/19672/18/19732206
Capt Edward A. DavisO2USNVNA1H, 1397208/26/19652/12/19732727
CSM Thomas J. Davis, USA (Ret)E5USAVS/VNGround3/11/19683/16/19731831
Col George E. Day, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF100F, 56-39548/26/19673/14/19732027
Gy/SGT John A. Deering, USMC (Ret)E4USMCVS/VNGround2/3/19683/5/19731857
Anthony J. DeLucaE3USNCBPBR2/5/19702/28/197023
Dieter DenglerO2USNLAA1J, 1420312/1/19667/20/1966169
Radm Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr., USN (Ret)O5USNVNA6A, 1515777/18/19652/12/19732766
Lt Col Gale A. DeSpiegler, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4E, 66-03244/15/19723/28/1973347
Maj James V. DiBernado, USMC (Ret)O2USMCVS/VNGround2/3/19683/5/19731857
Bernhard J. Diehl, MDWVS/VNJeep4/27/19693/5/19731408
Edward A. DierlingE5USAVSGround2/3/19682/23/196820
Col David B. Dingee, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 67-02436/27/19723/28/1973274
Lt Col Myron L. Donald, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4D, 66-87252/23/19683/14/19731846
Capt Robert B. Doremus, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 1522158/24/19652/12/19732729
Capt Dale W. Doss, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA6A, 1529403/17/19683/14/19731823
Col Daniel J. Doughty, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF101C, 56-01724/2/19662/12/19732508
John T. DowneyVCHC4711/29/19523/12/19737408
Peter E. DrabicE3USAVS/VNGround9/24/19683/16/19731634
Col Jerry D. Driscoll, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 61-00514/24/19662/12/19732486
David I. DrummondO3USAFVNB52D, 55-005012/22/19723/29/197397
Col David H. Duart, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 63-82622/18/19673/4/19732206
Lt Col John G. Dunn, USA (Ret)O3USAVS/CBGround3/18/19682/12/19731792
Col Richard A. DuttonO4USAFVNF105F, 62-443011/5/19673/14/19731956
Cdr Leonard C. Eastman, USN (Ret)O3USNVNRF8A, 1468306/21/19662/12/19732428
Walter W. EckesE3USMCVSGround5/10/19666/5/196626
Lt Col William J. Elander, Jr., USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4E, 67-03397/5/19723/29/1973267
Col Artice W. Elliott, USA (Ret)O4USAVS/VNGround4/26/19703/27/19731066
B/Gen Jeffrey T. Ellis, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 60-042212/17/19673/14/19731914
Col Leon F. Ellis, Jr., USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 63-760011/7/19673/14/19731954
Capt John C. Ensch, USN (Ret)O3USNVNF4B, 1530208/25/19723/29/1973216
Capt Edward D. Estes, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4C, 1484861/3/19683/14/19731897
SFC Harry L. Ettmueller, USA (Ret)E5USAVS/VNGround2/3/19683/5/19731857
Lt David A. Everett, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 1510138/27/19723/29/1973214
Col David Everson, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105F, 63-83353/10/19673/4/19732186
Cdr Robert S. Fant, Jr., USN (Ret)O3USNVNF4J, 1555407/25/19683/14/19731693
Capt John H. Fellowes, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA6A, 1518228/27/19663/4/19732381
Col John Fer, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNEB66C, 55-03872/4/19673/4/19732220
Col John S. Finlay, III, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF4D, 66-87574/28/19683/14/19731781
John B. FisherE5USAVSRU1A2/12/19693/11/196927
Col Kenneth Fisher, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 63-760011/7/19673/14/19731954
B/Gen Kenneth R. Fleenor, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4D, 66-777412/17/19673/14/19731914
Col Hubert K. Flesher, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4C, 64-075312/2/19662/18/19732270
Col Fredric R. Flom, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 62-43278/8/19663/4/19732400
Cdr Robert J. Flynn, USN (Ret)O3USNCHA6A, 1526258/21/19673/15/19732033
Col Willis E. Forby, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-00829/20/19652/12/19732702
Lt Col David E. Ford, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF4C, 65-088011/19/19673/14/19731942
Col Henry P. Fowler, Jr., USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-08493/26/19672/18/19732156
Lt Col Richard L. Francis, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 68-03146/27/19723/28/1973274
MSgt Martin S. FrankE5USAVS/VNGround7/12/19673/5/19732063
Capt Fred A. Franke, USN (Ret)O5USNVNF4B, 1522158/24/19652/12/19732729
Capt. Kenneth J. Fraser, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105G, 63-83332/17/19723/28/1973405
Cdr Laurence V. Friese, USN (Ret)O3USMCVNA6A, 1526442/24/19683/14/19731845
George F. Fryett, Jr., USA (Ret)E4USAVSGround12/24/19616/24/1962182
RAdm Robert B. Fuller, USN (Ret)O5USNVNA4C, 1477097/14/19673/4/19732060
Capt Richard J. Fulton, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, 67-03656/13/19723/28/1973288
B/Gen Norman C. Gaddis, USAF (Ret)O6USAFVNF4C, 63-76145/12/19673/4/19732123
Cdr Ralph E. Gaither, Jr., USN (Ret)O1USNVNF4B, 15149410/17/19652/12/19732675
Cdr Paul E. Galanti, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4C, 1495286/17/19662/12/19732432
Ralph W. GalatiO2USAFVNF4D, 66-76012/16/19723/28/1973406
Lt Col William A. Gauntt, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVS/VNRF4C, 68-06048/13/19723/27/1973226
Lt Col Terry M. Geloneck, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52G, 57-646912/20/19722/12/197354
Gerald L. GerndtO2USAFVNF4D, 65-07268/23/19673/14/19732030
Col Willard S. Gideon, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 61-01408/7/19663/4/19732401
Capt Charles R. Gillespie, Jr., USN (Ret)O5USNVNF4B, 15042110/24/19673/14/19731968
Col Peter J. Giroux, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52D, 55-006112/22/19722/12/197352
Cdr Danny E. Glenn, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA4C, 14850712/21/19663/4/19732265
Capt Wayne K. Goodermote, USN (Ret)O2USNVNRA5C, 1516348/13/19673/14/19732040
Maj Theodore W. Gostas, USA (Ret)O3USAVS/VNGround2/1/19683/16/19731870
Lt Col Norbert A. Gotner, USAF (Ret)O4USAFLA/VNF4D, 66-87772/3/19713/28/1973784
CMSgt James W. Gough, USAF (Ret)E7USAFVNB52D, 56-060512/28/19723/29/197391
MSgt Donat J. Gouin, USA (Ret)E7USAVS/VNGround2/3/19683/5/19731857
Paul L. GrangerO2USAFVNB52D, 56-062212/20/19723/29/197399
Lt Col David B. Grant, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 66-03156/24/19723/28/1973277
Lt Col David F. Gray, Jr., USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-07731/23/19673/4/19732232
Lt Col Charles E. Greene, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 60-04433/11/19673/4/19732185
Guy D. GrutersO3USAFVNF100F, 56-400512/20/19673/14/19731911
Col Lawrence N. Guarino, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 62-42206/14/19652/12/19732800
Col Lynn E. Guenther, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNOV10A, 67-1464812/26/19712/12/1973414
SSgt Gary J. Guggenberger, USA (Ret)E4USAVS/CBGround1/14/19692/12/19731490
Col Laird Guttersen, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4D, 66-87252/23/19683/14/19731846
Col Theodore W. GuyO5USAFLA/VNF4C, 64-08303/22/19683/16/19731820
Capt Collins H. Haines, 2nd, USN (Ret)O4USNVNRF8G, 1456146/5/19673/4/19732099
Col George R. Hall, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF101C, 56-02049/27/19652/12/19732695
Col Keith N. Hall, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-87041/10/19683/14/19731890
LCdr Thomas R. Hall, Jr., USN (Ret)O2USNVNF8E, 1503526/10/19673/4/19732094
Cdr Porter A. Halyburton, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 15151510/17/19652/12/19732675
Gregg O. HansonO2USAFVNF4E, 67-03656/13/19723/28/1973288
Lt Col Thomas J. Hanton, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 69-72716/27/19723/28/1973274
Cdr William M. Hardman, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA6A, 1526388/21/19673/14/19732032
Lt Col William H. Hardy, USA (Ret)O3USAVS/CBTruck6/29/19672/12/19732055
David N. HarkerE3USAVS/VNGround1/8/19683/5/19731883
Col Chaicharn Harnavee, RTAF (Ret)WLA/VNPC6A5/21/19659/1/19743390
Col Carlyle S. Harris, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-42174/4/19652/12/19732871
Jessie B. Harris, Jr.E3USAVSGround6/8/196910/20/1969134
Lt Col David B. Hatcher, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-01425/30/19662/12/19732450
Edwin A. Hawley, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, unk2/17/19722/12/1973361
Robert E. HayhurstE5USAVSGround2/3/19682/23/196820
Jerome D. HeerenO3USAFVNF4E, 69-02889/11/19723/29/1973199
Daniel H. HefelE4USAVS/VNUH1H2/5/19703/27/19731146
Douglas B. HegdahlE2USNVNAt Sea4/6/19678/5/1969852
Capt John Heilig, USN (Ret)O3USNVNRF8A, 1468315/5/19662/12/19732475
Col Donald L. Heiliger, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 62-44295/15/19672/18/19732106
Robert R. HelleE3USMCVS/VNGround4/24/19683/16/19731787
Alexander HendersonVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/16/19731870
Capt William J. Henderson, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVS/VNOV10A, 68-37894/3/19723/27/1973358
Ssgt Nathan B. Henry, USA (Ret)E4USAVS/VNGround7/12/19673/5/19732063
Col Querin E. Herlik, USA (Ret)O4USAVSRU1A2/12/19693/11/196927
Lt Col Jay C. Hess, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-42688/24/19673/14/19732029
W1 James H. Hestand, USA (Ret)W1USACB/VSUH1H3/17/19712/12/1973698
Capt James M. Hickerson, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA7A, 15323912/22/19673/14/19731909
LCdr Kenneth H. Higdon, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA6A, 15559412/21/19722/12/197353
Col Leland L. Hildebrand, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4D, 64-095412/18/19713/28/1973466
Col Howard J. Hill, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4D, 66-763112/16/19673/14/19731915
Col Robert B. Hinckley, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-75811/18/19683/14/19731882
Col James E. HiteshewO4USAFVNF105D, 60-05063/11/19673/4/19732185
Col James O. Hivner, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 63-756310/5/19652/12/19732687
Capt David W. Hoffman, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 15041812/30/19713/28/1973454
Col Arthur T. HoffsonO2USAFVNF4D, 66-75658/17/19683/14/19731670
Lt Col Ramon A. Horinek, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 59-173510/25/19673/14/19731967
Thomas T. HorioE4USAVS/VNGround5/11/19693/27/19731416
Col Edward L. Hubbard, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNEB66C, 54-04647/20/19663/4/19732419
Col Robert M. Hudson, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNB52D, 56-067412/26/19723/29/197393
Col James L. Hughes, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF105D, 62-44015/5/19673/4/19732130
Col Kenneth R. Hughey, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4C, 63-76987/6/19673/4/19732068
Capt James L. Hutton, USN (Ret)O4USNVNRA5C, 15161510/16/19652/12/19732676
Capt Leo G. Hyatt, USN (Ret)O4USNVNRA5C, 1516348/13/19673/14/19732040
Col Roger D. Ingvalson, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 61-01945/28/19683/14/19731751
Capt Charles A. Jackson, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-76366/24/19722/12/1973233
Juan L. JacquezE4USAVS/VNGround5/11/19693/27/19731416
Capt Charlie N. James, Jr., USN (Ret)O5USNVNRA5C, 1492835/18/19683/14/19731761
Col Gobel D. James, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105F, 63-83537/15/19683/14/19731703
Col Julius S. Jayroe, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-08451/19/19673/4/19732236
Lt Col Robert D. Jeffrey, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-067812/20/19652/12/19732611
Capt Harry T. Jenkins, Jr., USN (Ret)O5USNVNA4E, 15106711/13/19652/12/19732648
Col Harold E. Johnson, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 62-44474/30/19673/4/19732135
Lt Col Kenneth R. Johnson, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4D, 66-024112/18/19713/14/1973452
Lt Col Richard E. Johnson, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNB52G, 58-020112/18/19723/29/1973101
Col Samuel R. Johnson, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4C, 63-76774/16/19662/12/19732494
Col Murphy N. Jones, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 60-04606/29/19662/12/19732420
Robert C. JonesO2USAFVNF4D, 66-75811/18/19683/14/19731882
Lt Col Paul A. Kari, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-06856/20/19652/12/19732794
Col James H. Kasler, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 62-43438/8/19663/4/19732400
Col Richard P. Keirn, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 63-75997/24/19652/12/19732760
Joseph E. KernanO2USNVNRA5C, 1516185/7/19723/28/1973325
Gail M. KernsE5USAVS/VNGround3/27/19693/5/19731439
Lt Col Michael S. Kerr, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNRF4C, 6508831/16/19673/4/19732239
Capt Wilson D. Key, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4C, 14954611/17/19673/14/19731944
LCdr Phillip A. KientzlerO4USNVS/VNF4J, 1557681/27/19733/27/197359
Everett M. King, Jr.E4USAVSGround2/1/19682/8/19687
Col Thomas H. Kirk, Jr., USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF105D, 61-016910/28/19673/14/19731964
Col Joseph W. Kittinger, Jr., USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF4D, 66-02305/11/19723/28/1973321
Capt Thomas J. Klomann, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52D, 56-062212/20/19722/12/197354
Capt Charles F. Klusmann, USN (Ret)O3USNLARF8A, 1468236/6/19648/31/196486
Capt Rodney A. Knutson, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 15149410/17/19652/12/19732675
Tom Y. KobashigawaE5USAVS/VNUH1H2/5/19703/27/19731146
Capt Theodore F. Kopfman, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4E, 1520636/15/19662/12/19732434
Lt Col Galand D. Kramer, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-08451/19/19672/12/19732216
Alan J. KrobothO2USMCVS/VNA6A, 1556907/7/19723/27/1973263
Col James D. Kula, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 66-03677/29/19723/29/1973243
Col Floyd H. Kushner, USA (Ret)O3USAVS/VNUH1D11/30/19673/16/19731933
Col Michael H. LaBeau, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52D, 56-067412/26/19723/29/197393
Col James L. Lamar, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF105D, 61-01795/6/19662/12/19732474
Col Michael C. Lane, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 63-760812/2/19662/18/19732270
Col Gordon A. Larson, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF105D, 62-43525/5/19673/4/19732130
Lt Col Carl W. Lasiter, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 60-53842/5/19683/14/19731864
Maj George F. Latella, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, 69-754810/6/19723/29/1973174
Capt Thomas B. Latendresse, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4F, 1550485/27/19723/28/1973305
B/Gen James D. Latham, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, serial ?10/5/19723/29/1973175
VAdm William P. LawrenceO5USNVNF4B, 1522426/28/19673/4/19732076
Lt Col Ronald M. Lebert, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNEB66C, 55-03881/14/19683/14/19731886
Lt Col Lauren R. Lengyel, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF4C, 64-10598/9/19673/14/19732044
Michael R. LenkerE4USAVS/VNUH1D2/8/19683/16/19731863
Lt Col Edward W. Leonard, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFLA/VNA1H, 52-1352825/31/19683/28/19731762
Col Stephen R. Leopold, USAR (Ret)O3USAVS/VNGround5/9/19683/5/19731761
Cdr Roger G. Lerseth, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA6A, 1556269/6/19722/12/1973159
Capt Henry D. Lesesne, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4F, 1550467/11/19723/29/1973261
Cdr Earl G. Lewis, Jr., USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 15099510/24/19673/14/19731968
Lt Col Frank D. Lewis, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52D, 56-060512/28/19723/29/197391
Col Keith H. Lewis, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-873810/5/19723/29/1973175
Col Warren R. Lilly, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNCH3C11/6/19652/12/19732655
Col Hayden J. Lockhart, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF100D, 55-28573/2/19652/12/19732904
Donald K. LoganO2USAFVNF4E, 67-03397/5/19723/29/1973267
James L. LollarE5USAFVNB52G, 58-016912/21/19723/29/197398
Maj Stephen G. Long, USAF (Ret)O2USAFLA/VNO2A, 67-2144122/28/19693/28/19731489
Lt Col Jose D. Luna, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 63-83353/10/19673/4/19732186
B/Gen Alan P. Lurie, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 63-76976/13/19662/12/19732436
Don A. MacPhailE3USAVS/VNGround2/8/19693/16/19731497
Col Thomas M. Madison, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105F, 63-83414/19/19673/4/19732146
Col Louis F. Makowski, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNB57B, 53-388810/6/19663/4/19732341
Isaako F. MaloE3USAVS/VNGround4/24/19713/27/1973703
Lt Col Marion A. Marshall, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 69-02897/3/19723/29/1973269
Donald E. Martin, CANG (Ret)E5USAVSGround3/2/19684/14/196843
VAdm Edward H. Martin, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4C, 1496037/9/19673/4/19732065
Lt Col Daniel F. Maslowski, USA (Ret)W1USACB/VSUH1H5/2/19702/12/19731017
LCdr Frederick J. MastersonO3USNVNF4J, 1558037/11/19723/29/1973261
Lt Col Ronald L. Mastin, USAFR (Ret)O2USAFVNRF4C, 65-08181/16/19673/4/19732239
MSgt Roque S. MatagulayE7USAVSGround7/23/196212/24/1962154
Melvin K. MatsuiO3USAFVNF4E, 66-03677/29/19723/29/1973243
Sam A. MattixVLA/VNGround10/27/19723/28/1973152
Col William T. Mayall, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNB52D, 55-005012/22/19723/29/197397
William J. MayhewO3USNVNF4B, 1514048/17/19683/14/19731670
Capt John S. McCain, IIIO4USNVNA4E, 14995910/26/19673/14/19731966
Claude D. McClureE6USAVSGround11/24/196311/28/1965735
Lt Col Michael K. McCuistion, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-01055/8/19673/4/19732127
Capt Eugene B. McDaniel, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA6A, 1525945/19/19673/4/19732116
Col Norman A. McDaniel, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNEB66C, 54-04647/20/19662/12/19732399
Col Richard H. McDow, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, 69-72966/27/19723/28/1973274
Capt John M. McGrath, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4C, 1477126/30/19673/4/19732074
Capt John B. McKamey, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4E, 1511616/2/19652/12/19732812
Col George G. McKnight, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNA1E, 52-13243911/6/19652/12/19732655
Lt Col Kevin J. McManus, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-07786/14/19672/18/19732076
MSgt Isiah R. McMillan, USA (Ret)E4USAVS/VNGround3/11/19683/16/19731831
SGM Cordine, Sr. McMurray, USA (Ret)E5USAVS/VNGround7/12/19673/5/19732063
Lt Col Frederick C. McMurray, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 69-72669/12/19723/29/1973198
MSgt William G. McMurray, Jr., USA (Ret)E4USAVS/VNGround2/7/19683/16/19731864
Col Thomas M. McNish, USAFMC, (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 61-00859/4/19663/4/19732373
LCdr George P. McSwain, Jr., USN (Ret)O1USNVNA4E, 1520777/28/19663/4/19732411
M/Gen Edward J. Mechenbier, USAFR (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-07786/14/19672/18/19732076
Capt Read B. Mecleary, USNR (Ret)O2USNVNA4E, 1520225/26/19673/4/19732109
Capt James P. Mehl, USN (Ret)O5USNVNA4E, 1510495/30/19673/4/19732105
Gustav A. MehrerE2USAVS/VNGround12/25/19683/16/19731542
Col Raymond J. Merritt, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 61-01899/16/19652/12/19732706
Capt William J. Metzger, Jr., USN (Ret)O2USNVNF8C, 1470215/19/19673/4/19732116
Lt Col Alton B. Meyer, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 63-82774/26/19673/4/19732139
Lewis E. MeyerVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/27/19731881
Edwin F. Miller, Jr.O2USNVNRF8G, 1468865/22/19683/14/19731757
W1 Roger A. Miller, USA, (Ret)W1USAVS/VNUH1H4/15/19703/5/19731055
Col Joseph E. Milligan, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 63-76695/20/19672/18/19732101
Vadm Joseph S. Mobley, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA6A, 1529496/24/19683/14/19731724
Col Thomas N. Moe, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4D, 66-87061/16/19683/14/19731884
Albert R. MolinareO3USNVNF4B, 1530254/27/19723/28/1973335
Col Harold D. MonluxO2USAFVNF4C, 64-074311/11/19663/4/19732305
Maj Paul J. MontagueUSMC (Ret)O3USMCVS/VNCH46A3/28/19683/16/19731814
Cdr Dennis A. Moore, USN (Ret)O3USNVNF8E, 15065510/27/19652/12/19732665
Capt Ernest M. Moore, Jr., USN (Ret)O5USNVNA4E, 1511083/11/19673/4/19732185
SMSgt Gary L. Morgan, USAF (Ret)E5USAFVNB52D, 55-005012/22/19723/29/197397
Col Herschel S. Morgan, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF101C, 56-00754/3/19652/12/19732872
Col David P. Mott, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVS/VNOV10A, 67-146225/19/19723/27/1973312
Capt Richard D. Mullen, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF8E, 1491841/6/19673/4/19732249
Capt James A. Mulligan, Jr., USN (Ret)O5USNVNA4C, 1483133/20/19662/12/19732521
John S. Murphy, Jr.O3USAFVS/VNF4E, 67-03036/8/19723/27/1973292
Col Armand J. MyersO3USAFVNF4C, unk.6/1/19662/12/19732448
Lt Col Glenn L. Myers, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNRF4C, 64-10598/9/19673/14/19732044
Col James Y. Nagahiro, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNB52G, 58-019812/21/19723/29/197398
Capt Gordon R. Nakagawa, USN (Ret)O5USNVNA6A, 15559412/21/19723/29/197398
Maj John H. Nasmyth, Jr., USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 63-75619/4/19662/18/19732359
Capt Robert J. Naughton, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4C, 1478425/18/19673/4/19732117
Col Martin J. Neuens, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 62-43268/12/19663/4/19732396
Lt Col Wallace G. Newcomb, NYANG (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 58-11548/3/19673/14/19732050
Maj Stanley A. Newell, USA (Ret)E4USAVS/VNGround7/12/19673/5/19732063
James A. NewinghamVVS/CBAuto2/8/19692/12/19731465
Ke NghiemWLAGround(VS)0
Cdr Aubrey A. Nichols, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA7B, 1545415/19/19723/28/1973313
Lt Col Cowan G. Nix, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 60-048310/1/19663/4/19732346
Capt Giles R. Norrington, USN (Ret)O3USNVNRA5C, 1492785/5/19683/14/19731774
Col Thomas E. Norris, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-42788/12/19673/14/19732041
B/Gen Kenneth W. North, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-43808/1/19663/4/19732407
CW4 James E. Nowicki, USA (Ret)W1USAVS/VNOH6A11/2/19693/27/19731241
Michael F. O'ConnorW2USAVS/VNUH1C2/4/19683/5/19731856
Col James W. O'Neil, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF105G, 63-83029/29/19723/29/1973181
Lt Col Donald E. Odell, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 62-432610/17/19673/14/19731975
Lloyd D. OppelWLA/VNGround10/27/19723/28/1973152
Cdr Dale H. Osborne, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4F, 1550159/23/19682/12/19731603
CW4 Laird P. Osburn, USA (Ret)W4USAVSRU1A2/12/19693/11/196927
Lt Col James P. Padgett, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105G, 62-44245/11/19722/12/1973277
TSgt Jasper N. Page, USAF (Ret)E6USAFVSGround10/30/196511/4/19655
Cdr Gordon C. Paige, USN (Ret)O4USNVNRF8G, 1468737/22/19723/29/1973250
Maj John W. Parsels, USA (Ret)O3USAVS/VNUH1H2/5/19703/27/19731146
Lt Col Robert D. Peel, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-43815/31/19652/12/19732814
Michael G. Penn, Jr.O2USNVNA7B, 1545088/6/19723/29/1973235
Lt Col Glendon W. Perkins, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNEB66C, 54-04647/20/19662/12/19732399
Richard R. PerriconeE4USAVS/VNGround7/12/19673/5/19732063
Col Douglas B. Peterson, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-08329/10/19663/4/19732367
Michael T. PetersonW1USAVSAH1G11/2/196912/10/196938
James F. Pfister, Jr., USMC (Ret)E3USAVS/VNUH1C1/5/19683/5/19731886
Thanh V. PhamWLAGround(VS)0
Capt James G. PirieO4USNVNA4E, 1511066/22/19672/18/19732068
Col John J. Pitchford, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF100F, 58-132112/20/19652/12/19732611
Capt Joseph C. Plumb, Jr., USNR (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 1530045/19/19672/18/19732102
Capt Clarence R. Polfer, USN (Ret)O5USNVNRA5C, 1516185/7/19723/28/1973325
Lt Col Melvin Pollack, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 63-76987/6/19673/4/19732068
Col Ben M. Pollard, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105F, 62-44295/15/19673/4/19732120
Capt Leo T. ProfiletO5USNVNA6A, 1526388/21/19673/14/19732032
Robert J. PryorE5USAVSRU1A2/12/19693/11/196927
Col Benjamin H. Purcell, USA (Ret)O5USAVS/VNUH1D2/8/19683/27/19731874
Col Robert B. Purcell, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-42527/27/19652/12/19732757
Capt Frederick R. Purrington, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA4C, 14777510/20/19662/18/19732313
Lt Col Thomas S. Pyle, II, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 63-83618/7/19663/4/19732401
Francis QuinnE4USAVSGround4/8/19625/1/196223
Capt Dale V. Raebel, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA7A, 1532078/17/19723/29/1973224
Douglas K. RamseyVVS/CBGround1/17/19662/12/19732583
LCdr Robert I. Randall, USN (Ret)O3USNVNF4J, 1558037/11/19723/29/1973261
CW3 Donald J. RanderE6USAVS/VNGround2/21/19683/27/19731861
Capt Brian M. Ratzlaff, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 69-02889/11/19723/29/1973199
Richard R. RatzlaffO3USNVNF4B, 1514103/20/19662/12/19732521
Col James E. Ray, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF105D, 62-42365/8/19662/12/19732472
Johnnie L. RayO3USAVS/CBAuto4/8/19722/12/1973310
Col William S. Reeder, Jr., USA (Ret)O3USAVS/VNAH1G5/9/19723/27/1973322
Lt David G. Rehmann, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 15101412/2/19662/12/19732264
Lt Col William J. Reich, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4D, 66-02305/11/19723/28/1973321
B/Gen Jon A. Reynolds, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-428511/28/19652/12/19732633
Cdr Charles D. Rice, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF8E, 15031010/26/19673/14/19731966
Ronald L. RidgewayE3USMCVS/VNGround2/25/19683/16/19731846
Maj Richard F. Risner, USMC (Ret)O4USMCVSGround8/20/19688/22/19682
B/Gen Robinson Risner, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF105D, 61-02179/16/19652/12/19732706
Capt Wendell B. Rivers, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4E, 1499919/10/19652/12/19732712
Col Paul K. Robinson, Jr., USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4E, 67-02777/1/19723/28/1973270
Capt William A. Robinson, USAF (Ret)E5USAFVNHH43B9/20/19652/12/19732702
Cdr David J. Rollins, USN (Ret)O3USNVNF4B, 1530015/14/19673/4/19732121
James U. RollinsVVS/CBCycle2/5/19682/12/19731834
Lt Col George A. Rose, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 69-02826/21/19723/28/1973280
Joseph Rose, IIIW2USAVS/VNUH1D2/8/19683/5/19731852
Cdr Stephen A. Rudloff, USN (Ret)O3USNVNF4J, 1557975/10/19723/28/1973322
Lt Col Mark J. Ruhling, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF4C, 66-044511/23/19683/14/19731572
Col Albert E. Runyan, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNRF101C, 56-02184/29/19662/12/19732481
Thomas RushtonVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/27/19731881
Capt Kay Russell, USN (Dec)O4USNVNF8E, 1509305/19/19673/4/19732116
Capt Howard E. RutledgeO5USNVNF8E, 15032711/28/19652/12/19732633
Col Robert J. Sandvick, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 63-83618/7/19663/4/19732401
Col Robert R. Sawhill, Jr., USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4D, 65-07268/23/19673/14/19732030
Maj Wesley D. Schierman, USAFR (Ret)O3USAFVNF105F, 63-82828/28/19652/12/19732725
Capt Peter V. Schoeffel, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4C, 14961910/4/19673/14/19731988
Lt Col Raymond C. Schrump, USA (Ret)O4USAVS/CBGround5/23/19682/12/19731726
Capt Paul H. Schulz, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 15298711/16/19673/14/19731945
Lt Col William R. Schwertfeger, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-76012/16/19723/28/1973406
Monika SchwinnWVS/VNJeep4/27/19693/5/19731408
Col Bruce G. Seeber, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-437610/5/19652/12/19732687
Col Brian J. Seek, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, 72-02927/5/19723/29/1973267
B/Gen James E. Sehorn, USAFR (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 59-175012/14/19673/14/19731917
Col Joseph F. Shanahan, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF4C, 66-04478/15/19683/14/19731672
Cdr William L. Shankel, MC, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA4C, 14956212/23/19652/12/19732608
Col Lewis W. Shattuck, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-42827/11/19662/12/19732408
SGT Vernon C. ShepardUSA, (Ret)E5USAVSOH6A11/2/196912/10/196938
Maj Tomotsu Shingaki, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNRF4C, 69-03558/19/19723/29/1973222
James R. ShivelyO2USAFVNF105D, 61-01985/5/19672/18/19732116
RAdm Robert H. Shumaker, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF8D, 1486332/11/19652/12/19732923
Capt Edwin A. Shuman, III, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA6A, 1529403/17/19683/14/19731823
Maj Theodore S. Sienicki, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, 69-72215/3/19723/28/1973329
Gary R. SiglerO2USAFVNRF4C, 65-08724/29/19673/4/19732136
Lt Col Thomas W. Sima, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 62-433310/15/19652/12/19732677
Col Kenneth A. Simonet, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4D, 66-87201/18/19683/14/19731882
Lt Col Richard T. Simpson, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52G, 58-020112/18/19723/29/1973101
Lt Col Jerry A. Singleton, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNCH3C11/6/19652/12/19732655
Cdr Bradley E. Smith, USNR (Ret)O2USNVNA4C, 1484443/25/19662/12/19732516
Col Dewey L. Smith, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 61-01906/2/19673/4/19732102
Maj Mark A. Smith, USA (Ret)O3USAVS/CBGround4/7/19722/12/1973311
Col Philip E. Smith, USAF (Ret)O3USAFCHF104C, 56-08839/20/19653/15/19732733
Lt Col Richard E. Smith, Jr., USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 58-116810/25/19673/14/19731967
Wayne O. SmithO2USAFVNF4D, 66-87201/18/19683/14/19731882
Cdr James B. Souder, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 1530254/27/19723/28/1973335
Capt Charles E. Southwick, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 1530015/14/19673/4/19732121
John G. SparksE3USAVS/VNOV1C4/24/19683/16/19731787
Richard SpauldingVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/16/19731870
Cdr Larry H. Spencer, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 1522972/18/19662/12/19732551
Lt Col William A. Spencer, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 72-02927/5/19723/29/1973267
Col Robert D. Sponeybarger, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF111A, 67-006812/22/19723/29/197397
Col Donald R. Spoon, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-08101/21/19673/4/19732234
Cdr Charles D. Stackhouse, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA4C, 1477994/25/19673/4/19732140
Cdr Hugh A. StaffordO4USNVNA4E, 1499758/31/19673/14/19732022
Lawrence J. StarkVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/5/19731859
Capt William R. Stark, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 1522645/19/19673/4/19732116
Col John E. StavastO4USAFVNRF4C, 65-08949/17/19673/14/19732005
Col Thomas J. Sterling, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105F, 63-83414/19/19673/4/19732146
Cdr Theodore G. Stier, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 15230411/19/19673/14/19731942
Col Robert L. Stirm, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 61-012210/27/19673/14/19731965
Col Walter M. Stischer, USAF (Ret)O4USAFLA/VNRF4C, 66-03834/13/19683/28/19731810
VAdm James B. StockdaleO5USNVNA4E, 1511349/9/19652/12/19732713
Col Hervey S. Stockman, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNF4C, 64-07866/11/19673/4/19732093
Lt Col Thomas G. Storey, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF4C, 65-08181/16/19673/4/19732239
Capt Richard A. Stratton, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4E, 1511361/5/19673/4/19732250
Col Leroy W. Stutz, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNRF4C, 65-082912/2/19663/4/19732284
Col Dwight E. Sullivan, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 60-042510/17/19673/14/19731975
Cdr Timothy B. Sullivan, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 15298711/16/19673/14/19731945
Col Thomas W. Sumpter, Jr.O4USAFVNEB66C, 55-03881/14/19683/14/19731886
Lt Col Orson G. Swindle, III, USMC (Ret)O3USMCVNF8E, 15085811/11/19663/4/19732305
MSgt Robert E. Tabb, USA (Ret)E6USAVS/VNOH1A4/12/19703/27/19731080
Col Bernard L. Talley, Jr., USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4C, 64-08329/10/19663/4/19732367
Col William H. Talley, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105G, 62-44245/11/19723/28/1973321
Capt Richard G. Tangeman, USN (Ret)O3USNVNRA5C, 1492785/5/19683/14/19731774
Capt Charles N. Tanner, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 15299310/9/19663/4/19732338
Sgt. William B. Taylor, USA (Ret)E5USAVSO1E3/20/19685/6/196847
Lt Col Russell E. Temperley, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-012610/27/19673/14/19731965
Col Irby D. Terrell, Jr., USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNEB66C, 55-03881/14/19683/14/19731886
Capt Ross R. Terry, USN (Ret)O3USNVNF4B, 15299310/9/19663/4/19732338
CW4 William E. Thomas, Jr., USMC (Ret)W2USMCVS/VNOV105/19/19723/27/1973312
SGM Dennis L. ThompsonE6USAVS/VNGround2/7/19683/5/19731853
Cdr Gary L. Thornton, USN (Ret)O1USNVNF4B, 1504132/20/19673/4/19732204
Col Leo K. Thorsness, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105F, 62-44474/30/19673/4/19732135
Col Jack H. TomesO3USAFVNF105D, 59-17417/7/19662/12/19732412
Col Konrad W. Trautman, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 58-116910/5/19673/14/19731987
Capt Theodore W. Triebel, USN (Ret)O4USNVNF4B, 1510138/27/19723/29/1973214
Lt Col Jack R. Trimble, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4E, 67-029212/27/19723/29/197392
Cdr William M. Tschudy, USN (Ret)O2USNVNA6A, 1515777/18/19652/12/19732766
Col Charles R. Tyler, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4D, 66-02388/23/19673/14/19732030
Richard W. UtechtVVS/CBAuto2/4/19682/12/19731835
Col Terry J. Uyeyama, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNRF4C, 66-04425/18/19683/14/19731761
Col Jack L. Van Loan, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4C, 63-76695/20/19673/4/19732115
Maj Samuel R. Vaughan, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNF4D, 66-024112/18/19713/28/1973466
Duane P. VavrochO2USAFVNB52D, 56-067412/26/19723/29/197393
Col Gerald S. Venanzi, USAF (Ret)O2USAFVNRF4C, 65-08949/17/19673/14/19732005
Col Raymond W. Vissotzky, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 58-117011/19/19673/14/19731942
Col Richard D. Vogel, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF4C, 63-76925/22/19673/4/19732113
Capt Raymond A. Vohden, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA4C, 1485574/3/19652/12/19732872
Col Dewey W. Waddell, USAF (Ret)O4USAFVNF105D, 61-01277/5/19673/4/19732069
Col Robert F. Waggoner, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 61-02019/12/19663/4/19732365
Col Hubert C. Walker, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNEB66C, 55-03881/14/19683/14/19731886
Ken WallingfordE5USAVS/CBGround4/7/19722/12/1973311
James P. Walsh, Jr.O3USMCVS/CBA4E, 1510999/26/19722/12/1973139
Col Donald G. WaltmanO3USAFVNF105D, 62-42879/19/19663/4/19732358
Capt George K. Wanat, Jr., USA (Ret)O3USAVS/CBGround4/8/19722/12/1973310
Brian H. WardO2USAFVNF4E, 67-023412/27/19723/29/197392
James H. WarnerO2USMCVNF4B, 15047710/13/19673/14/19731979
Mr. Eugene A. WeaverVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/16/19731870
Col Ronald J. Webb, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4C, 64-07866/11/19673/4/19732093
Kenneth R. WellsO2USAFVNF4D, 64-095412/18/19713/28/1973466
Col Norman L. Wells, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 60-05238/29/19663/4/19732379
Lt Col John H. Wendell, Jr., USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF105D, 60-04998/7/19663/4/19732401
Cdr David R. Wheat, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF4B, 15063110/17/19652/12/19732675
Maj Robert T. White, USA (Ret)O3USAVSOV1C11/15/19694/1/19731233
Robert E. WidemanO2USNVNA4E, 1510825/6/19673/4/19732129
Lt Col James W. Williams, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 65-06005/20/19723/28/1973312
Capt Lewis I. Williams, Jr., USN (Ret)O2USNVNA6A, 1525894/24/19673/4/19732141
Charles E. WillisVVS/VNGround2/1/19683/27/19731881
MSgt Floyd A. Wilmoth, USA (Ret)E7USACBLCU7/17/196812/19/1968155
Col Glenn H. WilsonO3USAFVNF4C, 64-06568/7/19673/14/19732046
Maj Hal K. Wilson, III, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNB52D, 56-060812/19/19723/29/1973100
Capt William W. Wilson, USAFR (Ret)O2USAFVNF111A, 67-006812/22/19723/29/197397
B/Gen David W. Winn, USAF (Ret)O6USAFVNF105D, 62-42928/9/19683/14/19731678
Grant F. WolfkillVLAH345/15/19618/15/1962457
SSgt Sammie N. Womack, USA (Ret)E5USAVSGround10/8/19662/7/1967122
Capt Brian D. Woods, USN (Ret)O4USNVNA7A, 1532149/18/19682/12/19731608
Cdr Robert D. Woods, USN (Ret)O3USNVNA1H, 13532310/12/19663/4/19732335
Col Lawrence D. Writer, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4D, 66-75862/15/19683/14/19731854
Col James F. YoungO4USAFVNRF101C, 56-00517/6/19662/12/19732413
Lt Col Myron A. YoungO3USAFVNF4E, 69-027610/12/19723/29/1973168
Lt Col John H. Yuill, USAF (Ret)O5USAFVNB52D, 55-005012/22/19723/29/197397
CW4 Roy E. Ziegler, II, USA (Ret)W1USAVS/VNUH1D2/8/19683/5/19731852
Col Rudolph U. Zuberbuhler, USAF (Ret)O3USAFVNF4E, 69-72669/12/19723/29/1973198
Cdr Charles P. Zuhoski, USN (Ret)O2USNVNF8C, 1469847/31/19673/14/19732053